If you're happy to limit your site's interactivity to the inclusion of contact details only (e-mail, telephone/ fax, address), and you don't intend to take payment via your site, there are plenty of sources of free web site hosting on the Net. 

You will need access to the Net in order to service your website, and if you don't already have an ISP, you could kill two birds with one stone and try one of these. If you are already online, it is worth checking to see if any webspace that is included in your package can be used for commercial purposes. If not, having an extra, free, ISP is no hardship, especially if it brings a home for your website.

These free website hosts are more suitable for online brochures or for sales sites where you'd rather take payment by phone fax or letter. Their main drawbacks are that to enable them to offer the service free they support it by putting advertising space either on your pages themselves, or on accompanying pop up screens that open when your page opens. If you can live with that, and also the ungainly addresses that result from the way the sites are organised (curable if you register your own domain, of course), they could be the answer for you.

Free ISPs who provide free webspace usable for business purposes

contact URL contact phone no. amount of webspace number
of e-mail addresses
phone support  Mac
host advertising comments
hours cost
BT LineOne www.lineone.net 0800
up to 50Mb 5 24hr 50p/min Yes not known 10 Mb per address
Freeserve www.freeserve.net 0990
 15Mb unlimited   24hr  50p/min No  not known s/w free from Dixons
Gateway  www.gateway.net/free 0800
15Mb limited  £1/min No  not known  
TescoNet  www.tesco.net 0845
 10Mb limited 50p/min  Yes  not known s/w 50p from stores 
X-Stream www.x-stream.com 0171
20Mb 1 24hr 50p/min No banner at top of each page space is at FortuneCity (as below)

Websites where free webspace usable for business is offered
contact URL amount of webspace host advertising site address style form support comments
Fortune City www.fortunecity.com 20Mb banner in each page at top district.fortunecity.com/street/no. not known arranged in neighbourhoods
Geo Cities www.geocities.com 15Mb pop up screen plus logo over users page www.geocities.com/city/street/no. not known arranged in neighbourhoods
Tripod www.tripod.com 11Mb pop up screen members.tripod.com/yourname their own cgi form handler plus Front Page 98 exts.  
Xoom www.xoom.com unlimited  frame across top of screen  members.xoom.com/yourname Front Page 98 extensions only  

PLEASE NOTE: The lists above are by no means complete and are meant as a guide, a starting off point for your own research. Webby Foot apologises for any errors that there may be, and would be pleased to correct, update and include further free ISPs and hosts - please send details to webbyfoot@bigfoot.com