What you will need to run your new web site
You don't need state-of-the-art equipment to run a business website.  More likely than not your business already has access to the minimum specification required, a 486 PC with 16MB of RAM.  You will also need a modem to connect to the internet and here again anything will do from 14,400 bps upwards.  If you are buying new, a 56k V90 specification modem is the fastest type that will work on a normal telephone line, and as they are now down to around £30 you might just as well go for one of these.
If you do not already have a PC (or Mac) and your budget is restricted there are good buys in the secondhand/refurbished market.  A desktop model suitable for your needs could cost you £200 or less, and if space is a problem and portability a useful feature you could get a similarly specified laptop for around £500.  On top of this you should add £30 for a desktop modem and £50 for a laptop modem.  In addition these systems will also run word processing, accounting/spreadsheet, database and desktop publishing programs which may benefit your business, though you may want to add a printer (from under £100) to make the best of these facilities.
If you need to buy hardware, discuss your requirements with Webby Foot.  We are in contact with a number of competitive suppliers, both local and national, of new and refurbished equipment.
You are likely to have Windows95/98 supplied with your existing or new/refurbished PC.  Internet browsing and e-mail software such as Internet Explorer (with Outlook Express) and Netscape Navigator (with Messenger) are available free and widely distributed.  With these programs you will be able to receive e-mail enquiries and order details from your site.  Ammending and updating your site can be straightforward and may be performed using programs included with Internet Explorer (Front Page Express) and Netscape (Composer).  An FTP program such as WS_FTP may be required to load the revised pages onto your host server.
Webby Foot will be happy to advise and aid all your subsequent site updates, and will update your site for you for a negotiated fee.